The underwater ship is an important part of your yacht. You will not see it during the sailing season, but you will notice it. To keep the underwater ship clean and smooth, we apply an antifouling.

We also take care of the following work on the underwater ship:

  • checking and possibly replacing the rudder bearings, outer bearing, propeller shaft and anodes
  • checking the operation of the screw, folding propeller, vane propeller and the greasing thereof
  • check the keel attachment, condition of the keel (check for corrosion)
  • applying a primer coat on the underwater ship
  • osmosis prevention treatment, such as the application of an epoxy primer system on the underwater ship
  • treatment of osmosis
  • removing old layers of antifouling, so the underwater ship is smooth again and antifouling can be applied to it again in the coming years
Underwater ship